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Welcome to Parcel Search! 

The parcel search allows you to search for parcels and related permit information. You can search using parcel number or address in the search bar or you can search using the map.  

Text search: 

To search specific parcels by number or address, start typing in the search bar and select the desired parcel or address from the drop down list.  To search by owner name, use the percent (%) in front of the last name, for example "%smith" and choose the desired name from the drop down list.

Map search:

To search using the map, click on the layers button on the right hand side and then click in the parcels box to show the parcel layer.  Click on the map and drag it to the desired location. Use the +/- button to zoom in or out as desired.  Click on the parcel open the pop-up box with a link to permit information for that  parcel. Click on the parcel link.